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Universidad del Alma is a school of personal and spiritual development whose main headquarters are located in Colombia. We have offices in different parts of the world through which free courses and certified programs are also promoted by the Kalapgram Gurukulam school in India.

Our purpose is to help you understand and realize your authentic inner nature. Through our courses we share with you all the information necessary to put an end to suffering and live a conscious, full and peaceful life. We will guide you to find what you are looking for and to look within, there and only there will you discover who you are and what is real. In this way, you will see that suffering, like all forms of negativity, is useless and its only function is to teach you to look beyond appearances and develop a creative understanding of reality.

At Universidad del Alma we offer a space for comprehensive learning and growth. Our focus is on providing practical tools and deep insights that nourish the essence of each individual. With programs designed to enhance emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, we seek to inspire authenticity, resilience and inner connection. We guide students towards a full and meaningful life, cultivating consciousness and contributing to not only personal, but also collective well-being. At the University of the Soul,
We believe in the transformative power of self-knowledge and authenticity to build a more conscious and balanced society.

We have a team of professional instructors specialized in various areas of personal development such as yoga, meditation, psychology, coaching, alternative medicine and Ayurveda.

The mission of the University of the soul is to promote the integral growth of individuals, providing tools and knowledge that strengthen their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Seek to inspire authenticity, resilience and a sense of purpose in each student, thus promoting a more conscious and balanced society.

The vision of the University of the Soul is to be recognized as a leading school in the training of individuals committed to their personal evolution, contributing to the construction of more compassionate and conscious communities. We aspire to be a benchmark throughout the Spanish-speaking world in promoting comprehensive growth, transcending borders to inspire positive change globally.

Alma University’s core values include:

1. *Service* Raise awareness about the importance of selfless service based on unconditional love and compassion towards all beings who suffer, knowing that in essence we are one and therefore selfishness cannot exist.

2. *Resilience:* We encourage the ability to overcome challenges, learn from experiences and adapt positively to changes, thus strengthening emotional resilience.

3. *Empathy:* We value understanding and connection with others, cultivating empathy as a basis for healthy and collaborative relationships.

4. *Self-knowledge:* We recognize the importance of exploring internally to understand our motivations, strengths and areas of growth, facilitating deeper personal development.

5. *Comprehensive well-being:* We seek balance in emotional, mental and spiritual growth, guiding our students towards comprehensive and sustainable well-being.

6. *Collaboration:* We foster an environment of mutual support, where the Alma University community collaborates to inspire and support the personal development of each individual.

7. *Authenticity:* We promote sincerity and honesty with oneself, encouraging our students to explore and express their true essence.

These core values are the foundation of our educational philosophy, guiding students toward meaningful and lasting transformation in their lives.


Kalapgram Gurukulam

Kalapgram Gurukulam is a Yoga and Meditation school based in India, amidst the lush green beauty of Mother Nature and the divinity of the sacred Narmada River, a serene divine place that welcomes spiritual seekers from all over. the world.

The meditative atmosphere facilitates seekers to dissolve effortlessly into the peace and tranquility of the inner Self beyond all material distractions and thought patterns.

The space provides a perfect spiritual environment for seekers of all paths and beliefs, making your inner journey smooth and beautiful. Every particle in the Ashram (spiritual center) emanates vitality, grace and greatness, attuning the seeker to the omnipresent divinity.

Expressing ancient wisdom with a modern scientific approach inspires seekers to passionately explore and follow the path to self-realization.

We mainly spread the spiritual path Maha Siddha Yoga and its lineage of spiritual teachers such as Swami Somendra Thirth and Swami Ashutosh Thirt.

Various teachings and tools are also promoted through courses, classes, seminars, diplomas and retreats. self-knowledge and comprehensive well-being such as Vedic wisdom, transpersonal psychology, spiritual coaching, alternative therapies, yoga, meditation.

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