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Without a doubt, to achieve the greatest inner growth and transform your life you need someone to guide you because this is where success lies in being a good meditation instructor and spiritual coach for others.Thanks to this process I was reunited with my best version, Today I feel successful and with the ability to guide others on the path of self-healing.

Diana Ospino

The Universidad del Alma courses helped me to know myself and understand that the most important thing in human life is spiritual development and service to others, which is why I am really happy with my new lifestyle and new profession as spiritual coach.

María Castro Designation

I feel happy and eternally grateful to the Universidad del Alma for having been able to take the spiritual coaching and instructor courses. meditation, the results I have obtained are wonderful both in my personal process to guide and help others, I feel very happy and proud of the change I have achieved in my life.

Camilo Guzmán Designation

Achieving professional success is the dream of most human beings, however there are circumstances that make the path difficult for us, which is why finding a guide, a coach or instructor can make a difference.Therefore, with the courses that I have taken at Universidad del Alma I have had very valuable changes in my life both at the level of my profession as a psychologist and on a personal level.

Andrés Suarez Designation
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