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Going to therapy is a symptom of mental health


Transpersonal therapy has received influences from many sources, from Western cognitive psychology to wisdom. Eastern such as Buddhism and yoga.

All of these schools offer objective and practical studies on the functioning of the mind, as well as various techniques to learn to control the mind,
emotions and improve our quality of life.

Transpersonal therapy sessions are not only for those who are going through an emotional crisis but also for those who want personalized support and guidance in human and spiritual development.
It is important to understand that it is a symptom of health to recognize mistakes and be willing to follow a process of healing and personal development; it is not necessary to reach extreme emotional crises to seek therapeutic support.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching sessions are for those who want to continue deepening their inner development process, awakening all those potentialities that each one possesses that can lead us to success, health and balance in all aspects of life, physically, mentally, emotional, work, financial and social.

Also for those looking to bring more clarity, purpose and happiness to their life. This is a journey through valuable tools of healing and spiritual transcendence.

It is an experience that will allow you to grow in practices for emotional balance and inner peace that you can use for the rest of your life.

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